Projects can be anything, from actual code to a drawing on a napkin.

Everyone is a winner. Everyone.

Racist, homophobic, ableist, sexist, etc. jokes aren't funny. Hacks that make other participants uncomfortable will be taken down at the discretion of William & Mary's ACM exec board.

Abide by the Hack Code of Conduct.


The original categories:

sHackiest sHack (Audience Choice)
Most Toxic Health Hack
Best Hack For Social Bad
Best Use of Juul
Best Use of Soylent
Best Use of Fortnite
Fastest to Go Over an API Key Limit
Fugliest UI/UX
Most Self Aggrandizing LinkedIn Post
Most Wasteful Sustainability Hack
Most Hardcoded Use of Machine Learning
Educational Hack Most Likely to Corrupt Today's Youth
#Disrupting Finance by Wasting the Most Money
Best Entreprenepetrperutenpterial Spirit
Most Rigged Demo
Worst Excuse for 2 Points Back on the Test
Biggest Invasion of Users' Privacy
Most Obvious Attempt to Sweet Talk Your Way into an Internship